Is your child on track?

70% of disabilities or delays are missed in young children.

Trusted for nearly 20 years, the Ages and Stages Questionnaire™ (ASQ) screener is a quick, family-friendly screener that makes it easy to check your child’s development.

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KinderTrack is a program designed to provide Blair County parents with the tools they need to track the developmental growth of their young child.

If a potential delay is identified, the CARE Coordinator provides parents with the support and resources needed to address the delay. Early intervention gives children the best chance of reaching their full potential.

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Finding out if your child is on track is as easy as… 123!

  • Step 1

    Set aside 15 minutes to take the ASQ screener.

  • Step 2

    Complete and submit the free and confidential ASQ screener.

  • Step 3

    Receive the results of the screener by mail, in a packet put together by the CARE Coordinator.

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About the ASQ Screener

The ASQ screener provides a quick check of your child’s growth in 5 areas of development and is available for parents of children ages one month through 5 1/2 years.



What is said and what is understood

Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Thinking skills, playing

Gross Motor

Gross Motor

Crawling, walking, running, climbing



Self-help skills, interacting with others

Fine Motor

Fine Motor

Small muscle movement, hands and fingers